An introduction to the dogs


I am Gill Pavey and I have owned and shown Dalmatians since 1996, in the UK until 2004 and now in Ireland. My showing career started in 1970 with a Beagle but was short lived as my mother decided I was hopeless and took over the handling!

I live in the middle of an Irish bog with no close neighbours and the dogs have their own, safely fenced paddock of a quarter of an acre next to the house to run and play in as well as daily road work on the lead, satisfying their need for plenty of exercise and fun. 

I am involved in showing and all my dogs have had some success in the ring: Diva was the first FCI Junior Champion Dalmatian in Ireland, Taz was my first International and Irish Champion, their daughter Dizzy is an Irish Champion and won the Celtic Winner title AND junior title at the age of 10 months. However, the dogs are pets first and there is nothing better than to have them snuggle up with me in front of the TV in the evenings. They are quite lazy at heart.

You can email me or give me a call/text on 087 3687489 for information about the breed, being an owner, or puppy enquiries.


Diva playing with Taz, who sadly passed away in July 2012 

 Here is Dizzy as a baby... ahhhhhhhhh!

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