Leaveslake Viva La Diva Of Granardal JUN CH JD - "Diva".

Leaveslake Viva La Diva of Granardal Jun Ch JD was born on 21st July 2007 and came over to Ireland at the end of September. Looking like butter wouldn't melt in her mouth, Diva was a sweetheart and as a puppy, never put a paw wrong and hasn't done since.

Diva is the second Dalmatian to gain the Junior Diploma title and the first in Ireland to be awarded Junior Champion under the new FCI rules.

She is a delight to own, very loving and intelligent although still not above some normal Dally naughtiness whenever my back is turned. She always greets the neighbouring ponies by shoving her head through the gate and licking their noses when they appear, luckily they don't mind!

At the end of April 2010 she went into labour with her first litter and proved to be an excellent mother. She is, however, a little miffed that one is still here (Dizzy) and is not amused when she gets jumped on! She has become more lazy since motherhood and at times, simply finds it all too much...

Needless to say she spends every night on my bed and is a marvellous alarm clock, if you don't mind being licked awake!